If you are the kind of person who tries to opt for energy efficient tools and products, the GU10 LED is an excellent option to light up your home. Halogen bulbs use up a lot of power and that is why replacing them with the GU10 LED can help you limit your power consumption a great deal. This kind of light bulb only uses 5 to 6.5 Watts of power. This way, you can keep your home bright without having to worry about wasting a lot of energy.

These lamps are of the dimmable variety which means that you can change the brightness level of the bulb as you see fit. Whether you want to use them in your bedroom, living room, garden or kitchen, these bulbs are entirely suitable in any kind of atmosphere setting. It does not have any mercury content and provides energy of the A class; this is the highest rating that can be obtained in terms of energy efficiency. By replacing all your regular lamps with these LED lights, you can ensure that your house stays well lighted without consuming too much power.

When you make use of the GU10 LED light bulb, it lights up the area with a gentle luminescence and provides an ambiance that is comfortable and easy on the eyes. Thus, they are suitable for your bedrooms as well as living rooms and kitchens. These bulbs are also suitable for non-residential venues such as offices, malls and shopping centers. They can be used to light up both outdoor and indoor areas.

When you compare this light bulb to halogen or regular light bulb, the amount of energy consumed is so much less. While a halogen light bulb would use 45 Watts of energy, the GU10 LED bulb uses up only 4 Watts for the same amount of light given out. You save so much energy simply by making one switch. Hence, is you use these bulbs in every room of your house, your energy usage would go down to a huge extent.

Not only are these LED bulbs energy efficient, they are also very fashionable. When it comes to our homes, we tend to be careful about every single detail, from the couches we buy to the light bulbs that we use. The GU10 LED has a look that is distinct from other regular kinds of bulbs. Thus, you would be decorating your house making the use of trendy bulbs.